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 BS7676 Pendulum Slip Test

Whether you require a pendulum slip test for your retail premises, factory, school or you just need a floor risk assessment in the workplace, 4Earth Solutions can assist.

There are a lot of factors such as general wear, cleaning and maintenance, environment etc that can significantly alter the slip resistance of your floors.

What you may have originally considered good quality anti-slip floors can change over time.

Don't wait till someone has a nasty accident. Book a test today!


Health and Safety risks in the workplace must be managed. To do this you need to decide whether you are doing enough to prevent harm to workers and the public.

This process is known as a risk assessment and it is something you are required by law to carry out.

A risk assessment is about taking sensible measures to control risks, for example using doormats to stop rainwater being tracked in and making the floor slippery.

You are probably already taking steps to protect your business, but a site visit and assessment by 4Earth Solutions will tell you whether you should be doing more.

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Not only do 4Earth Solutions carry out the British Standard BS7676 Floor Testing and offer high quality advice on potential issues. We can also provide you with the solutions for any issues should they arise in our assessment. All of which will be detailed in a report you will receive post visit.

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What to expect from a 4Earth Slip Test Assessment

  • Short meeting with the client to explain the service

  • BS 7976: Parts1-3  Pendulum Slip testing in all areas of concern

  • Identification of other potential risk areas

  • Comprehensive report of findings

  • Advice on findings

  • Advice on solutions to issues

  • Prompt and professional service from an experienced family run company

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